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ACSL takes the lead in arranging computer programming and computer science contests designed for K-12 schools, organizations, and local groups. It's the most Prestigious Coding Competitions for high school students after IOI and USACO. The American Computer Science League (ACSL) is a great way to take a student's coding to the next level. Whether or not they are motivated by the competition aspect, ACSL will provide interesting challenges and a team of similar students all learning it together.


  • ACSL Elementary Team Winners

    • 1st Place: Aneesh Malyavanatham
    • 2nd Place: Aarnav Dalvi, Ariyan Venkat, Rhea Amin and Varun Iyengar
    • 3rd Place: Adams Lan, Aiden Wang, Stella Xu, Albert Liu

    ACSL Junior Team Winners

    • 1st Place: Roushil Satta
    • 2nd Place: Sharan Pai
    • 3rd Place: Eric Zhao, Shreya Atkar, Advait Ajay, Aadhav Jawahar

    ACSL Senior Team Winners

    • 1st Place: Sophia Wang, Yedong Yu
    • 2nd Place: Shreyan Paliwal
    • 3rd Place: Ethan Zhuang, Aaron Guo

    ACSL Elementary Final Silver

    • Aneesh Malyavanatham
    • Ariyan Venkat

    ACSL Elementary Final Bronze

    • Aarnav Dalvi
    • Varun Iyengar
    • Adams Lan

    ACSL Junior Final Gold

    • Vihaan Paliwal

    ACSL Senior Final Gold

    • Shreyan Paliwal


  • ACSL Contests 2022-2023 - Engaging Minds in Computer Science:

    In this academic year, WVA took the initiative to establish its very own junior team for the American Computer Science League (ACSL) competitions. As a result, WVA students had the option to participate in the ACSL contests through either the WVA junior team or the ACSL Elementary team represented by Sunshine Elite.

    It brings us immense pride to share that for the second consecutive year, both the ACSL Elementary team and the Junior team from Sunshine Elite secured the coveted first place at the Oregon State level. Our heartfelt congratulations go out to these exceptional teams!

    In addition to team achievements, we would like to highlight some remarkable individual performances on the national stage during the ACSL Finals:

    • Keshav Karumbunathan: Gold Award, ACSL Finals 2023 Junior Contest
    • Anshul Mantri: Bronze Award, ACSL Finals 2023 Junior Contest
    • Andy Xiong: Silver Award, ACSL Finals 2023 Elementary Contest
    • Meera Amin: Bronze Award, ACSL Finals 2023 Elementary Contest


  • 2021-2022 ACSL, American Computer Science League Contests:

    WVA students joined the ACSL contests in the 2021-2022 school year via the ACSL elementary and Junior teams hosted by Sunshine Elite Education. Both teams won the Oregon State first place. Congratulations to the teams!


Students who achieve excellent scores in the first four tests will be invited to the ACSL International Final competition. You may check the 2020-2021 ACSL International Final reports for all participants from the world here: 2020-2021 ACSL International Final Scores.

2021 Oregon ACSL Junior

  • Gold Winner

    • Shreyan Paliwal (Grade 8 - Willamette Valley Academy)

    Top 5 Oregon State Winner

    • Thomas Wang (Grade 7 - Willamette Valley Academy)
    • Mason Barnes (Grade 7 - Sunshine Elite Education)
    • Sean Ji (Grade 7 - Willamette Valley Academy)
    • Nidhi Yadalam (Grade 7 - Sunshine Elite Education)

2021 Oregon ACSL Elementary

  • Gold Winner

    • Rex Huang (Grade 5 - Sunshine Elite Education)
    • Rishan Chakraborty (Grade 5 - Sunshine Elite Education)
    • Andrew Ma (Grade 5 - Sunshine Elite Education)

    Silver Winner

    • Keshav Karumbunathan (Grade 5 - Oregon Mathletics)