Staff & Teachers

Young Instructors

  • Gopal Goel

    Gopal K. Goel is a freshman at MIT from Portland, OR.

    Gopal was on the 2020 USA IMO team, where he earned a silver medal, and was on the 2018 USA IPhO team, where he earned a gold medal. He also is a two time USAMO winner, and a three time USAPhO gold medalist. Gopal was an STS finalist in 2021, where he earned the 4th place award. He also has several publications in peer-reviewed math and physics journals.

    Gopal has also tutored math for over three years at the AIME and USAMO level, as well as physics at the USAPhO level.

  • Noah Walsh

    Noah Walsh is currently studying in Mathmatics department of MIT. 

    Noah got the Internatioanl Math Olympiad (IMO) gold medal in 2021. He is passonate to teach math classes to lead more students to achieve high in the math contests.

  • Ram Goel

    Ram Goel is a high school junior from Portland, OR. He enjoys teaching, and has tutored math for over 3 years at the AMC and AIME level, both privately and at the Pacific Math Association. He also is the leader of the Oregon Harvard-MIT Math Tournament (HMMT) Team.

    Ram qualified for MathCounts Nationals in 2019, and placed in the top 12, participating in the Countdown Round. He has also qualified for the USA(J)MO in 2019, 2020, and 2021 earning an Honorable Mention on USAJMO in 2020, and qualifying for the Math Olympiad Program (MOP) in 2021. Outside of competition math, Ram conducts mathematics research through the MIT PRIMES-USA program.

    Course(s) to teach:

    - AIME/USAMO Competition Training

    - AMC 10/12 and AIME Competition Training

  • Suyash Pandit

    Suyash Pandit is a USAMO qualifier in 2022. He is passionate in Math and Math competition. He has been teaching/tutoring math competition in different levels since he is in high school.
    Course(s) to teach:

    - AMC 10/12 and AIME Competition Training

  • Anay Aggarwal

    Anay Aggarwal is a Freshman at Jesuit High School in Portland, OR. He has participated in State and National Level Math competitions for the past few years, including MATHCOUNTS, AMC, AIME, ARML, and USA Mathematical Talent Search. Anay was the captain of the winning team for Oregon at the MATHCOUNTS State Competition in 2022. He is a two-time qualifier for the AIME competition and has made the Distinguished Honor Roll for AMC 10.

    Course(s) to teach:

    - AMC 10 and MathCounts II

    - AMC 10/12 and AIME Competition Training

    - Introduction to AMC8 & MathCounts (G6+)

  • Andrew Su

    Andrew Su is one of State Mathcounts Winners. He has been tutoring math from Math Olympiad for Elementary, PreAlgebra, Algebra, and up to Algebra 2 since COVID. Andrew is passionate about Math and tutoring math for Grade 4-9 students.
    Course(s) to teach:

    - Math Olympiad / Math League Training for Grade 4-6