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Young Instructors

  • Harry Zhou

    Harry Zhou, a college student at UCLA, boasts an impressive track record. He has excelled in the AIME (American Mathematics Competitions Intermediate Exam) and qualified four times, demonstrating his exceptional problem-solving skills. Since 2021, Harry has attained the prestigious USACO Platinum level, showcasing his talent in competitive programming.

    Except those personal achievements, Harry has organized a programming club, fostering a collaborative learning environment for fellow students. He also has been teaching math and programming classes in Summer camps, inspiring and empowering young minds to embrace these subjects with enthusiasm.

    Course(s) to teach:

    - AMC 10 and MathCounts II

  • Gopal Goel

    Meet Gopal K. Goel, an exceptional student from Portland, OR, currently pursuing his studies at the prestigious MIT.

    Gopal's accolades in various academic competitions are nothing short of remarkable. He was a valuable member of the 2020 USA International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) team, earning a IMO silver medal for his outstanding performance. Notably, in 2018, he was an essential part of the USA International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) team, where he earned a IPhO gold medal for his exceptional prowess in physics.

    Not only has Gopal excelled in competitions, but he has also demonstrated a commitment to sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. For over three years, he has been tutoring mathematics at the AIME and USAMO levels, as well as physics at the USAPhO level, helping aspiring students hone their skills and achieve success.

  • Noah Walsh

    Meet Noah Walsh, a promising individual from Portland, Oregon, who is currently pursuing his studies in the esteemed Mathematics department at MIT.

    Noah's dedication and talent in mathematics were recognized on an international level when he secured the coveted gold medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) in 2021. This prestigious achievement highlights his exceptional problem-solving skills and mathematical acumen.

    With roots in Portland and wings reaching the academic heights of MIT, Noah's journey exemplifies a dedication to both personal growth and giving back to the mathematical community through teaching and mentorship.

  • Ram Goel

    Ram Goel, growing up in Portlan, Oregon, is currently study in MIT. 

    Ram's mathematical talent has shone brightly in various competitions. In 2019, he qualified for the prestigious MathCounts Nationals, where he displayed remarkable skills, securing a spot in the top 12 and participating in the coveted Countdown Round. Additionally, Ram's consistent brilliance earned him qualifications for the USA(J)MO in 2019, 2020, and 2021. Notably, he received an Honorable Mention on the USA(J)MO in 2020 and qualified for the esteemed Math Olympiad Program (MOP) in 2021, further affirming his exceptional abilities in the field of mathematics.

    Beyond his impressive competition achievements, Ram actively engages in mathematics research through the esteemed MIT PRIMES-USA program, delving into cutting-edge mathematical explorations.

    However, Ram's passion extends beyond personal pursuits. He finds great joy in teaching, dedicating over three years to tutoring math at the AMC and AIME levels, both in private settings and as part of the Pacific Math Association. His commitment to education and mentorship is further evident as he leads the Oregon Harvard-MIT Math Tournament (HMMT) Team, guiding and inspiring fellow students to excel in the realm of mathematics.

  • Anay Aggarwal

    Introducing Anay Aggarwal, a remarkable high school student currently attending Jesuit High School in Portland, OR.

    Anay's passion for mathematics has led him to excel in numerous State and National Level Math competitions during his middle school years. He has showcased his prowess in challenging contests such as MATHCOUNTS, AMC/AIME, USAJMO, ARML, and the USA Mathematical Talent Search. Notably, in 2022, Anay's leadership skills shone through as he captained the winning team for Oregon at the MATHCOUNTS State Competition.

    An outstanding achiever, Anay has qualified for the prestigious USAJMO and achieved top honors by securing the first position nationally in the USAMTS (USA Mathematical Talent Search). His exceptional abilities have earned him a place on the Distinguished Honor Roll for the AMC 10 twice, and he has successfully qualified for the AIME three times.

    Apart from his high achievements in math competitions, Anay has proven himself to be a talented teacher. Since 2020, he has been actively teaching and tutoring young students in mathematics, sharing his knowledge and inspiring others to explore the fascinating world of numbers.

    Course(s) to teach:

    - AIME - American Invited Math Event Training

    - AMC 10/12 Training

  • Andrew Su

    Andrew Su is a bright high school student attending Westview High School, with a passion for both math, programming and basketball.

    His journey in these fields began early, with notable achievements back in 5th grade. Andrew secured a gold medal in the Math Olympiad (MOEMs), claimed the first-place title in the ACSL Programming competition at the state level, and demonstrated his strategic prowess by attaining second place in the State Chess tournament.

    His enthusiasm for math competitions continued to grow, leading him to qualify for the State MathCounts competition in 6th grade. Andrew played a pivotal role as a team member of the State MathCounts Champion Team in 2022.  He earned the prestigious Honor Roll distinction in the AMC10 and qualified for the challenging AIME in 2023, further highlighting his mathematical prowess.

    In recent times, Andrew has been dedicating more time to the sport. As a valuable team player in the Westview High School basketball team and a committed member of Team Progress, a private basketball club, he embraces teamwork and camaraderie on the court.

    Andrew has generously shared his knowledge and passion for math and programming by tutoring students in various levels, including Math Olympiad for Elementary, PreAlgebra, Algebra, and up to Algebra 2, since the COVID pandemic. His ultimate goal is to inspire others to delve into the captivating world of numbers and programming, fostering a love for these subjects in his peers and young students.